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After a few years of living in the Gulf, in 2008 our founder Mr. Waznie Neaz launched POT Biriyani. Since then which has taken Sri Lanka by storm, and left a significant mark on Biriyani lovers all over the country. Today it’s rated as the #1 Biriyani in Sri Lanka. POT Biriyani has come a long way in serving the traditional Biriyani in a POT, to our very own Kottu & Sring hopper Biriyani, & much much more to choose from a wide variety dished out in our menu. The fusion flavored home cooked POT Biriyani is a must. We bring you the best of flavor & culture.


Pot Biriyani is a small home cookery which specializes in biriyani. Chicken, mutton, prawn, veg. It's takeaway or delivery and it's meant for groups - eight people by default. As the name implies, everything comes in clay pots. You get the usual biriyani pot, kottu pot, pittu baabath pot, even dessert pot. They are nice pots (which you get to keep) and the food inside is excellent.

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